The person living with disabilities is considered in his or her society/community, values his or her abilities for the development of his or her environment.


Rehabilitation for all by giving priority to the most disadvantaged people living with disabilities and their social and economic reintegration.

N.B.: The mission of the Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Persons ”Heri Kwetu” remains unchanged throughout its existence.


Make services accessible to all, based on scientific progress adapted to national and international standards, in order to facilitate equal opportunities and reintegration and inclusion


Honesty: Strict respect for the property of others, avoid cheating, lying, respecting commitments made.

Helpfulness: To be ready to give service, to know how to be, to behave well, to be available to give service to anyone who needs it, especially the most deprived, courtesy, kindness.
Dedication, Courage, Determination

Confidence: To have confidence in oneself that one is able to accomplish the tasks assigned according to the skills acquired, to have confidence in God, to be optimistic, positive that there is a supreme being who intervenes when things seem complicated, one must keep hope.


Participation: Not being passive, free expression, giving ideas, creativity to improve, being active

Neutrality: No bias, put everything and everyone in their place, be impartial, no social, economic, racial, tribal discrimination; fair consideration between agents and their superiors, equal considerations of all patients

Accountability: Accountability: The ability to be accountable, to report internally and externally but in accordance with written commitments and agreements.
Transparency, truthfulness, not hiding anything, opening up in strengths and weaknesses.